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This is the page where we tell it to you straight up!

  • If you have never kayaked before we recommend the Hunting Island State Park Lagoon
  • If you want to get out into the saltmarsh and have never kayaked before, we recommend a tandem (very stable)
  • If a member of your party is struggling or getting frustrated while paddling, please kindly wait for them or ask if you can assist with anything
  • Paddling a tandem with a young child in the front is an excellent idea! But it can be a lot of work and may require you to tap strength you have not used in a while
  • If your child is younger than 6 years old, the Hunting Island State Park Lagoon is recommended
  • Barefoot or flip-flops are not recommended. Footwear that protects your feet is recommended. Oyster shells are very very sharp
  • Avoid heat exhaustion!...Hydrate yourself during the summer months! Before, during and after your excursion. This means don't stay up late drinking the night before!
  • Bring a sun hat and wear sunscreen!
  • Winter kayaking is wonderful here! But winter paddling in cotton clothes is not wonderful. Layered synthetic clothing is ideal
  • Not wearing your pfd is not cool at all. The world's best kayakers wear pfd's!
  • Alligators and sharks are seriously the last things you need to worry about
  • The summer mornings are often hotter and more stagnant than the afternoons, which is when the wind/breeze tends to blow
  • Paddling is a super awesome outdoor sport, so expect moderate to strenuous levels of physical exertion
  • Getting out of your kayak onto a muddy bank is not recommended
  • Getting out of your kayak onto a live oyster bank is a flat out very bad idea
  • Kayaks can indeed capsize, but we will talk you through what to do if this happens
  • Paddling in the Atlantic surf is the the most surefire way to find yourself capsized (unless of course you are skilled at bracing techniques)
  • Paddling on the mighty North Atlantic Ocean is not recommended unless you are proficient at capsize recovery skills
  • If you simply insist on paddle on the Atlantic Ocean and are not proficient at capsize recovery skills, you better not go far from shore

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